About Alston Farm

This page is to share the history and memories of the site so you can see how it has become the campsite that it is today.

Alston campsite was founded in 1961 by Alec Shepherd, it was one of the only campsites in the area, after the main Salcombe campsite at Beadon was closed for housing developement. Hundreds of people visited with there families in small tents to enjoy summer by the seaside. It started very basic, but people weren't expecting very much, with statics that were rented not even including a toilet or shower.

Many of our customers now remember their childhood memories here, little touches like the fresh milk from the farm cows, feeding newborn orphan lambs and the daily 'rent collection' call to visitors.

As time has passed the site has been developed and expanded, with Phil Shepherd taking over the running of the site in 1993 when his father passed away to running it with his daughter Penny for several years.

Sadly, Phil Shepherd known by many on the site as 'Farmer Phil' passed away suddenly in September 2022, leaving his family and loyal customers in great shock and sadness. Penny will continue the campsite how they were running it together, with the support of people who have helped the farm and campsite for many years. Phil worked up until his final hour's and he will be missed massively but we will continue to share our memories and stories like he always loved to do.

We hope to continue to improve the site but try to keep the same relaxed feel it has always been known for.